UK-based content writer and author

Emily Cleevely freelance writer portrait


Hi, I’m Emily!

I’m a writer based in Cambridge, UK.

I write long-form content for health, wellbeing and parenting businesses. Articles, in-app content, reports, training modules, speeches and case studies run through my dreams! (Kidding: I sleep too deeply to remember any of them!)

I love what I do and my clients love my work too.

Find me on Instagram to catch up on how my children’s fantasy novel is going, whether I’m doing enough triathlon training and what recipes I’ve tried out this week.

Even if you don’t want to know what I ate for breakfast or how I start writing the next chapter of my novel on hard days, maybe you want to know some fun facts about me. (If you don’t, just skip to the business part.)

  • The most curve-ball thing I’ve ever written was a recipe series using haggis as its main ingredient.
  • I have a BA and Masters degree in History from Somerville College, Oxford University.
  • I won silver for Wales in the Commonwealth Rowing Championships in 2006.
  • I work best in 50 minute bursts with a 10 minute break to do something that makes me feel more ‘me’. My current favourites are: singing, crafting, journaling and having a big old stretch.
  • Once I’ve drunk a cup of bedtime tea, I’m asleep within 15 minutes. Unless I’ve just had a great idea for something to write, then I’ll see you at 2am!

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